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Pentest and cyber security
Your cyber security partner specialized in penetration testing (pentest)
Security audits

Strengthen your security

Secureaks is a company specialized in cyber security and more precisely in the realization of IT security audits in the form of penetration tests, otherwise known as pentest. By following a strict and efficient methodology, we strive to bring you concrete solutions to strengthen your IT security.

In order to detect possible security flaws and allow you to correct them before they are exploited, we audit your computer systems (websites, servers, local networks...) using the same techniques as a real attacker.

This discipline is called "Ethical Hacking", the goal being to work closely with you to bring you solutions that allow you to strengthen your computer security.

As a guarantee of our expertise and skills, our auditors are CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) and Burp Suite Practitioner certified.

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Cyber security consulting services

Your cyber security advisor

We support companies, whether on IT projects or to help them understand the risks and challenges in terms of cyber security.

We also offer Web application source code review and computer architecture review services, in order to detect and fix security problems as early as possible.

  • Web application project
  • New infrastructure
  • General concern about cyber security
Cyber security trainings

Train yourself in web application pentest

Train yourself in web application pentest. You will learn how to use the tools and methods used by real attackers. You will also learn how to write a security audit report. In addition, this training will allow you to prepare for the Burp Suite Certified Practitioner certification, recognized in the Web cybersecurity field.

Our trainings are provided by cybersecurity professionals, who perform pentests on a daily basis.

In a nutshell, the main points covered are:

  • Understand the risks related to web application security
  • Understand the methods and tools used by hackers
  • Understand the most common Web vulnerabilities
  • Prepare for the Burp Suite Certified Practitioner certification
  • Learn how to perform a web application pentest with a structured methodology
  • Learn how to write a pentest report
  • Learn how to secure a web application
What our customers say about us
"Kriptown called Romain for a security audit / pentest of our platform. The service was performed with excellence and we were delighted to work with someone as serious and professional as Romain. There is no doubt that we will call you again if we need services in this area."
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Mathieu Esteve
"Prismea, neobank for professionals, had the pleasure to collaborate with Romain for a complete security audit of the platform (AWS, APIs, ...). The collaboration with Romain and our teams was excellent throughout the mission. Moreover, the quality of the final report is impeccable: In English, details of weaknesses, recommendations, best practices, alternatives, ... As a leader, I recommend Romain to anyone who wants to have their platform audited or perform Pentests."
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Philippe Leboc
"Romain carried out a pentest mission for one of our customers. He produced a quality work and the pentest report is clear and exhaustive. I recommend working with Romain because he is very professional!"
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Patrice Giraud
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